Google Chrome Nacl and Pnacle (Pinnacle)!?

Recently I�ve been wondering how Bastion game can be played on Chrome, for my thought about Chrome Web Store is a collection of Web client application. It turns out that the game isn�t really written with any Web technology but purely written in NaCl 1 (Sodium Cholide? why this name? ^^; ).

With a quick glance, it looks like a replacement of Java applet but built by Google�s version itself. NaCl is not exactly like Java in the way that, I believe, it�s still a platform specific. But Google has another top-up technology named PNaCl (pronounced Pinnacle), this one is more like Java technology, which is designed to be portable.

Unless these technologies are accepted by other browsers� I�m not sure if it�d be a good investment for devs (except those who believe Google will rule the world :D)

  1. Nacl - Native Client ?