Stardock's product issues with VM engines :(

Recently I just some feeling of little changes in life so I installed Windows Blinds and looked for some awesome Deskscape Dreams. Then a few days ago, I found a problem with my Oracle Virtual Box’s VM crashed. The VM is Ubuntu Linux and it has been worked well before. I didn’t think about Windows Blinds or Deskscape, so I installed VMWare and converted the VM to VMWare’s format, just curious whether the problem’d still persist and it did!

I, then, started suspecting Windows Blinds. I uninstalled it and tried starting VM again but it still crashed. Actually, VMWare behaved differently from Oracle VirtualBox that it reports low memory situation, which is incredible because my machine is 6GB and it was used 2GB and the VM was configured for only 3.5GB. The swap memory shouldn’t even to kick in. However, the VMWare message was quite useful because it included the number of memory it perceived and the number of memory that’d allow the VM to run, which was much lower than 4GB.. I doubted where the memory has gone…

Since at that moment, my machine should be in the state that worked fine.. so the only difference I could think of was I was running two different Dreams on each of my monitor. So I changed it back to one dream on both monitors and it fixed the problem!? The VM can be run from both Oracle and VMware.

Today I thought the problem was the Deskscape’s issue, so I reinstalled Windows Blind and found the issue came back.. So pretty much of Stardock’s main products have trouble with VM engines, eh?

Note: after searching net, I found it may relate to nVIDIA driver that I’m using too. But it works with many games so far so I don’t think it worths any update.